CyADA’s Sample Collection Personnel Training Seminar

The Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority (CyADA) organised a training seminar for their Sample Collection Personnel, in collaboration with their partner, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD). The seminar was held from 23 to 26 of November at the Olympic House in Nicosia.

The seminar was attended by current and new CyADA Sample Collection Personnel covering all positions; Doping Control Officers (DCO), the Blood Collection Officers (BCO) and the Chaperones. The training seminar was comprehensive and included both theoretical and practical training of all sampling procedures, including; notification and chaperoning of the athlete, sample collection procedures and sample processing. The training was followed by a practical examination.

CyADA’s Sample Collection Personnel is made up of a team of 16, all of whom have successfully completed their training and received accreditation to carry out their duties. They are all health professionals with experience in collecting and processing samples as well as protecting privacy and maintaining confidentiality.

CyADA’s Sample Collection Personnel has extensive experience in doping control and have carried out testing throughout country but also for international federations which organise competitions in Cyprus. Additionally, staff members have also participated in major events such as the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 and the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

President of CyADA, Dr Michael Petrou praised the high level of training of his team: “The Sample Collection Personnel play an important role in the fight against doping. We are especially proud of the level of expertise and knowledge. Their professionalism is universally praised by other sport organisations with which we collaborate, as well as from athletes themselves”.

Dr Petrou added: “Working with our partner, UKAD ensures that the knowledge and performance of our Sample Collection Personnel is maintained to the highest possible standard so they can carry out their duties well”.

UKAD’s Chief Officer, Nicole Sapstead commented: “UKAD’s Sample Collection Personnel have a wealth of experience to offer training, support and advice to our partner organisations”.

With regard to the continuous cooperation between UKAD and CyADA, Mrs Sapstead stated: “This is UKAD’s fourth training seminar at CyADA and I am delighted that this ongoing partnership enables the Sample Collection Personnel from both countries the opportunity to exchange ideas on best practice and knowledge. International partnerships like these also demonstrate to the sporting community that NADOs across the globe are working closely together to deliver effective and targeted programmes which are catching the dopers and protecting everyone’s right to clean, fair and honest sport.”

CyADA conducts 300-350 doping controls per year. Testing takes place in-competitions, but also out-of-competition, for example during training or at an athlete’s home. Doping controls are always carried out without advance notice and in accordance with the procedures which are determined by the World Anti-Doping Authority.

Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority

Nicosia, 18 December 2017