Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority and private athletic organisations join forces to fight doping

Pushing forward with its efforts to fight doping in private athletic events, the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority (CyADA) carried out doping controls during two large multi-functional training events which took place in our country, namely the “Aphrodite Games 2017” organised by GERAKLION Camp and “Cyprus Throwdown 2017” by Cosmos Cyprus Throwdown.

“Aphrodite Games 2017” and “Cyprus Throwdown 2017” are two very large Cross-Fit-type, multi-functional training events, which constitute a rapidly developing and particularly popular way of exercising. They are carried out every year and involve about 300-400 participating athletes from Cyprus and abroad.

“The organisers of these events should be commended for taking the initiative to ask CyADA to conduct testing to protect the integrity of the competitions and to protect the clean athletes. This is why CyADA was very happy to respond to this invitation” said CyADA president Dr Michael Petrou.

The “Aphrodite Games 2017” attracted about 100 high-level athletes to Cyprus. Commenting on the decision to request doping controls at the Games, Director General of GERAKLION Camp Indre Matulyte said: “Our company’s motto is “clean sport” and it had been mentioned beforehand in the Game’s regulations that doping tests would be conducted. We want these Games to be fair for the athletes that compete at all levels and especially in the case where the motivation of large monetary prizes for the winners is particularly high”.

On behalf of “Cyprus Throwdown 2017”, event organiser Mr Yiangos Zenonos explained the reasons behind his company requesting CyADA to come on board. “We wanted a clean game. We are also part of sports. Our sport is new in Cyprus, as it started 6-7 years ago, and in such cases, there is always a kind of bias. We brought 350 athletes to Cyprus from 40 countries and when we announced one week before the games that doping checks would be carried out, our decision was met with positive reactions by the huge majority of participants. Clean athletes want clean competitions”.

“CyADA will continue to collaborate with private sports organisations and we are at their disposal to help implement anti-doping programmes, which is standard practice with many similar organisations that organise such events abroad. Apart from the integrity of the competitions, it is of upmost importance for CyADA to protect the health of the athletes and doping controls contribute towards that,” Dr Petrou concluded.

Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority

Nicosia, 16 November 2017


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