Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority participates in conference to celebrate 40 years of the Cyprus Sports Medicine Association.

The Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority (CyADA) took part in a conference organised by the Cyprus Sports Medicine Association to celebrate 40 years since its establishment.  The conference was co-organised with the University of Nicosia on 9-10 September, with the participation of sports scientists and professionals, as well as teaching staff and students from the departments of Physiotherapy, Sports Science, Nutrition and Dietetics and the Medical School of the University of Nicosia.

CyADA President Dr Michael Petrou was one of the speakers at the conference. Within the context of his presentation, Dr. Petrou made an extensive reference to the substances and methods which are prohibited in sport. He also explained the dangers that doping poses to athletes’ health, as well as the regulations, the legislation underlying anti-doping and the issue of ethics among doctors and athlete support personnel in general.

“The Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority places great importance on keeping everyone who is involved in supporting athletes informed, including doctors, which is why we always seize the opportunity to update them on issues pertaining to anti-doping”, Dr Petrou said. “Within 2017 we participated with presentations in an educational seminar for match doctors organised by the Cyprus Sports Medicine Association and in the sports medicine conference organised by the company Anorthosis Famagusta Football (Public) Ltd, while we are also looking into ways to continuously update doctors through a special electronic platform on our website,” he added.

On his part, Chairman of the Cyprus Sports Medicine Association board Dr Andreas Tanos praised the collaboration between the association and CyADA, noting that the two bodies have excellent relations and underlined the scientific contribution of the CyADA adding: “The Cyprus Sports Medicine Association believes that everyone involved in sport ought to be informed on anti-doping issues. From our part, the Cyprus Sports Medicine Association has contributed to that direction. We want to especially stress the joint effort that is made to battle the problem of doping in sport and to promote the systematic provision of information on all issues included in the Anti-Doping Code, as well as the overall behaviour of those involved in sport towards these issues”. 

The Cyprus Sports Medicine Association was founded in 1977 and became a pioneer in important issues relating to healthy sport activity such as medical insurance, health certificate and anti-doping.  With a special focus on the field of anti-doping, the association carried out the first anti-doping tests in Cyprus and continued to be involved for many years later, until the establishment of the independent Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority. The Cyprus Sports Medicine Association has regular and corporate members who are qualified in various specialities (medical doctors, chemists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, dieticians, sports nutritionists, podiatrists etc.) who are involved in providing scientific support to athletes.

“We will continue our efforts to update but mainly to sensitise everyone involved in supporting athletes,” Dr Petrou mentioned during his presentation at the conference, stressing that “it is the personal and professional obligation of every professional in sports to protect the health of all athletes and to try and fight doping”.

Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority

Nicosia, 5 October 2017


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