Requirements of athletes in the registered testing pool (RTP)

The Registered Testing Pool (RTP) of the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority is a list of athletes selected for out-of-competition testing throughout the year. It is composed of the Cypriot athletes selected based on a doping risk assessment developed in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI).

The Whereabouts must be submitted before the beginning of each quarter (i.e., 20th December, 20th March, 20th June and 20th of September).

All whereabouts must be submitted in ADAMS:

  1. Training, training camps and/or regular activities

For each day of the quarter (including weekends), the name and address of the place where you are training, working or conducting any other regular activity as well as the usual time schedule for such regular activities shall be indicated.

  1. Daily residence

For each day of the forthcoming quarter (including weekends), please indicate the full address of the place where you will be residing, i.e. staying overnight (e.g. home, hotel, temporary lodgings).

  1. 60-minute period per day

For each day of the quarter (including weekends and competitions) please indicate one specific location (home, training or competition venue) and one specific 60-minute time-slot between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. during which you will be available for a test.

It is utmost important for athletes to conform to the 60-minute period he/she has indicated. This does not limit in any case the obligation of submitting accurate whereabouts information out of this 60-minute period and being available for a control at any time in any place.

  1. Competitions

Please indicate your competitions of the quarter – championships, cups and international tournaments - as well as the place of residence during the competition (Hotel name, address).

✓ The 60-minutes period of availability for a test at a specific location is also compulsory during competition periods.

Below is an example of incomplete information submitted into ADAMS.

Below is an example of complete information in ADAMS.

  • Any change of time schedule, place of training, residence or competition must be immediately reported in ADAMS.
  • If your plans change and you are no longer available during the 60-minute period at a location, you must update your whereabouts before this period.
  • You can change this 60-minute period by SMS.
  • The ADAMS mobile app is available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.
  • It is important that the submitted information is as accurate as possible at all times.

Athletes shall submit information that must be clear and accurate enough to be easily located for an out-of-competition test during the 60-minute period and outside this period.

A missed test will be recorded when an athlete is not present during the 60-minute period at the place he/she has submitted in his/her whereabouts information.

A filing failure will be recorded when the athlete does not submit his/her whereabouts before the deadline, when the whereabouts information is obviously insufficient or wrong or when it is impossible to locate the athlete outside the 60-minute period.

A combination of three missed tests and/or filing failures within a twelve [12] months period will be pursued as an anti-doping rule violation and sanctioned with a 12 to 24 months suspension.

Any wrestler included in the registered testing pool who wishes to retire shall immediately inform the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority (CyADA) and WADA.

It is reminded that any retired wrestler who wishes to return to competition shall announce it to CyADA at least six (6) months before and be available for doping tests during this period.