President’s Welcome Message

Welcome to CyADA’s Web site.

A new beginning has been made in the country with the creation of the Cyprus Anti-Doping Authority (CyADA) by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

CyADA is the national body responsible for the implementation and management of efficient anti-doping policies, in compliance with the Cyprus legislation and in accordance with the international Conventions and other binding agreements signed by the Government.

To achieve CyADA’s mission close collaboration with Athletes and sport organizations is needed for the development and deliver of education and information programmes, currying out testing and results management.

We hope that CyADA’s webpage, updated on a continuous basis, will serve as a tool for informing those concerned, i.e. athletes, sport officials, parents etc, thus contributing to our mission.

We thank everyone who supports our efforts to fight doping.

Dr. Michael Petrou